17: Copperbell Mines

Link to detailed guide for dungeon

Map of Dungeon

Special Loot

Nothing of note

Trash part 1

Make sure you pick up the tiny key dropped by mobs!

The first 2 spriggans in the dungeon leash back to the beginning if you do not kill them fast and move too far ahead.


Kill adds. Kill adds. Kill adds… yawn… kill adds… Oo boss!

Trash part 2

Certain mobs have a “leash”. So try and kill groups in rooms instead of trying to group them all up.

Ichorous Ire

DPS and Healers dance between activating Improved Blasting Device! Let the tank hold the boss and it’s revealed counterparts.

Trash Part 3

For a new healers and tanks, mass pulling can be tricky!

It makes no difference which path you take!

Gyges the Great

Current community method is to just stay on the boss and ignore adds. Enjoy the Limit Break!