50: Akh Afah Amphitheatre [Extreme]

Link to detailed guide for trial

While you’re in there, try and find one of the only snowmen made out of 3 balls of snow intead of 2!

Special Loot

Diamond Dust, Shiva Card

The Fight!

There is a lot of circles to dodge, so pay attention to the circles on the ground and always look for a safe spot.

Phase One: Weapon Abilities

Staff Form

Staff Form: Attacks put debuff on whoever is hit that decreases resistence to slashing.

Hail Storm: When she changes into Staff, spread out for hall storm. AoE around targets. Set up groups of 2 so you can spread out to 1 of the 4 safe spots while everyone has hail storm circles and the arena spawns circles.

Raidwide without castbar: Called Absolute Zero

Sword Form

Sword Form: Attacks put debuff on whoever is hit that descreases resistence to blunt attacks.

She follows this order with her attacks while the Sword is out

1. Icebrand: This is a party shared tankbuster. Spin her around to share the love.

2. Glacier Bash: This can be avoided by having the tank run through Shiva.

3. Whiteout: Be really close to her to prevent taking damage.

4. No cast bar Heavenly Strike: This performs a knockback so put your back to the center of the arena to avoid being made a popsicle on the edges.

Phase Two: The Adds

Shiva pulls out the sword during this. You must deal with Icebrand. She will do also do a Heavenly Strike without whiteout, so be close!

Those adds must die asap.

Phase Three: The Ice Arena

Bow Form Added to her Aresenal

You should avoid the edge to prevent being turned into a popsicle that must be freed by people.

Glass Dance: Everyone stands behind her to avoid the damage. It’s a 270 degree cone, so hug her bum.

Avalanche: Random person gets marker on head. The knockback can be mitigated with a big shield, Surecast, or Arm’s Length. However, it is worth having the marked person step out of the group to avoid knocking everyone back with them. If you choose to get knocked back, make sure you have plenty of room to be knocked back.

Permafrost: Ground turns to ice and you will skate around the room if you move.