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Weapon Specific Relic

Every Instance of Eureka has it’s own relic step. In each Individual Instance, there will be a map boss which drops the needed item for the relic.

You don’t have to farm the map boss for their item! The item from Aenmos, Pagos and Pyros can be bought at The Expedition Birdwatcher found in each zone.

Eureka Anemos

Item Required Amount Which step? Note
Protean Crystal 100 Base
Protean Crystal 400 +1
Protean Crystal 800 +2
Pazuzu feathers 3 Anemos Complete The feathers cost 300 Protean Crystals each if you choose to purchase them

The fastest way to obtain Protean crystals is farming fates. You will recieve Anemos Crystals, which you can grind down to Protean Crystal. This is done by talking to Gerolt and selecting “Exchange Anemos Crystals”. You will get 2-5 Protean Crystals per Anemos Crystal.

Eureka Pagos

In Eureka Pagos, you will collect “light” aka Frosted Protean Crystals in your kettle. This kettle can hold up to 9 light. Make sure you complete the lvl 25 quest, which will allow you to empty it at the crystal forge. Location of the Crystal forge: X:6.0 Y:21.5

Items needed Which step? Note
Frosted Protean Crystals x 5 +1
Frosted Protean Crystals x 10 and 500 x Pagos Crystals +2
Frosted Protean Crystals x 16 and 5 x Louhi Ice Pagos Complete The Louhi Ice is 50 Pagos Crystals each from the vendor

Once again, the fastest way to farm Crystals is by doing fates. Light will also be collected by doing fates, as well as killing mobs groups (must be on par or higher with your current level) and killing the void Dragons in the area.

Eureka Pyros

Yet again, you will have the kettle to collect light, but this time it is not needed to complete the relic! It is used to reroll the stats on your relic weapon.

In Eureka Pagos, you need to craft 20 different logograms.

What are logograms?

Logograms are duty actions, which range from buffing yourself, the party or even attack abilities. These can be crafted at the Logogram manipulator.

Item Required Amount Item 2 Required Amount Which step?
Pyros crystals 100 Logograms 10 +1
Pyros crystals 200 Logograms 20 +2
Pyros crystals 300 Penthesile’s Flame (50 Pyros Crystals each at vendor) 5 Pagos Complete

Eureka Hydatos

We are almost done! This is the victory lab! This time there is no special requirement / item to complete the relic! So the fate grind continues and now we add the goal to kill Providence Watcher, the map boss of Hydatos.

Item Required Amount Item 2 Required Amount Which step?
Hydatos Crystals 50 Hydatos
Hydatos Crystals 100 +1
Hydatos Crystals 100 +2
Hydatos Crystals 100 Crystalline Scales (these cannot be bought) 5 Hydatos Base relic Complete

Base Relic complete?

Eureka Hydatos has one final encounter, which is optional and doesn’t change the weapon effect. But it gives you a neat damage boost and a wicked mount! This final encounter is called “Baldesion Arsenal” which is a 56 man dungeon. If you decide to complete the relic fully, you will need 100 Eurekan Fragments.

How do I get into the Baldesion Arsenal?

Since it is quite a massive dungeon, it needs some organistaion. Luckly, there are great people that host runs from time to time! The Late Night Discord organizes runs. They have all kinds of help to get you started!