Your job is more than healing

Be sure you DPS! For all encounters the developers include healer DPS for mechanics, enrages, etc. Get used to it now.

You do not have to keep people at 100% health

As long as they enough health to survive the tankbuster or raidwide, they are fine! There is passive healing in combat and massive passive healing out of combat!

Plan for your group run

Check your party’s gear, you’ll want to know if they are undergeared for the level dungeon/trial/raid you are doing.

Know what and when to Esuna

You can tell something is removable by Esuna by the debuff icon. Small blue line over the debuff means you can cleanse it.

Removable by Esuna Not Removable by Esuna
"removable" "not-removable"

It’s not always worth it to Esuna a debuff. You can lose valuable DPS time as Esuna is a cast, not instant, and sometimes the damage done by the debuff is trivial.

Know who and when to bring someone back to life

Following mechanics is more important than picking someone up who died!

You can bring someone back in the middle of combat.

Using a Swiftcast Raise, Resurrection, Ascend can bring someone back while you’re on the move!

If the person you pick up starts to do anything and ignores this tip, there is a good chance they will die without you healing them up for a raidwide. Don’t feel bad.

You too can use use Limit Break!

Limit Break 3 brings everyone in your party back to life, with no debuff, and resets cooldowns! This has saved more trials, extremes, raids, etc than the writer of this guide can count!

Managing your MP

Use Lucid Dreaming when your MP gets to about 70% and then keep Lucid Dreaming on cooldown!

Rescue is both a blessing and a curse

Well intentioned healers try to move people or save them using Rescue, however some players get really upset if you use it on them.

Rescue only moves the target to be right in front of you, so make sure that space is outside of a mechanic if you’re trying to save someone.

Surecast will save your life

You should have Surecast on your toolbar. There are a lot of mechanics that move you around the arena that can be completely ignored, or mitigated, by using it!

You have a stun!

Your Repose is actually a stun!