Visual Guide to Mechanics

Throughout your gameplay, you will run across various mechanics that repeat in dungeons, trials, and raids. This is an attempt to help you understand what to do if you see them

A lot of these mechanics repeat in dungeons, trials, and raids, are are named after some of the first times they show up. Example, Exo Flares was first shown in a fight and was called Exo Flare. So even if a boss uses a different name, the community just recognizes the attack does the exact same thing and will call it that!

Picture of Mechanic Mechanic Name What does it mean?
Stack Marker Stack Marker This is a huge damage attack that needs to be shared among as many people as possible. Thus… stack on whoever has the marker
Line Stack Marker Line Stack Marker This preceeds a line attack from boss through to end of arena. Stand in the line to spread the damage amongst the group!
Action Time Event Action Time Maneuver When you see this show up, prepare to spam your buttons (keyboard / mouse / joystick)
Action Time Event Bar Action Time Maneuver Player Action Spam your buttons (keyboard / mouse / joystick)! We’ve all been there! Make sure you do not end up typing into chat when doing this action time event. It will kill you in many cases if you do!
Proximity Proximity Marker The closer you are to the marker, the more damage you take. Do not understimate the damage being a medium distance away!
Flare Flare This is a combination of a single target and proximity damage attack. If you have this marker on your heard get away from the group. If you see this marker on someone get as far away from them as possible
Floor Directions Floor Patterns When you see floor markers going in one direction, it means your character will be flung in that direction against your will (Arm’s Length or Surecast may help, but it is not always garunteed!)
Gaze Gaze No matter the boss, pillar, or mob, if you see a big red eyeball on it, TURN AROUND and put your character’s back to the eye. You will end up either confused running around hitting people, get a debuff that will kill you, or other horrible things.
Tower Marker World of Darkness Tower Tower Markers Tower markers need a person to stand in it in order to prevent massive party or raid wide damage.
Exo Flares Exo Flares Circles with arrows point in the direction that it will go. These usually continue in a line and do a heavy damage attack if you’re caught by them.
Same Polarity Opposite Polarity Polarity Same polarity repels targets away from each other. Opposite pulls them in towards each other. More damage the closer you are to start

TETHERS are a mechanic that will be targeted on you, but what that mechanic is tends to be fight specific.

Examples of Tethers
Proximity Tether: Move away till the tether becomes purple. If it remains red with arrows, you will take a massive spike of damage and possibly die. Prey Tether: This usually is a tether that can be passed on to someone else. Depending on the fight you may need to pass to a DPS, or a Tank. You call it’s a prey tether as you will see the debuff for prey on you. Dragable Tether: This tethers something to you. What you do depends on the boss. Some Examples: You may need to drag what is attached to you through the boss or you may need to run into the orb attached to someone else’s tether to prevent them from taking big damage.
Proximity Tethers Prey Tethers Dragable Tether

It is worth noting, that there are very specific fights where the goal of chains is to hug your partner. Those exceptions are handled in the guide unique to that dungeon, trial, or raid.

If you find yourself chained to someone, move away from them as you will both take continuous damage until that chain breaks. If you start FAR away from the person you become chained to, you have to move EVEN further away from that person to break it.
Chains Seperating Chains
In the above, we’re close taking damage In the above, we’re moving away from each other to break the chains