Put on Emnity (threat) Stance

Simply having this turned on, you hold threat as long as you hit the targets!

DRK: Grit WAR: Defiance GNB: Royal Guard PLD: Iron Will
Grit Defiance Royal Guard Iron Will

Just because the boss is not physically looking at you does NOT mean you have lost threat

There are actions that a boss, or mob will perform that have them physicall turn away from you. This does not mean you have lost threat so you do not need use Provoke (see next statement). Instead, look at the two locations listed below to verify if you still have threat or not.

Target of Target Enemy List
target of target Enemy List
The boss focused on Tirzah to start, then Maiq Provoked and the target of target changed Red means you are top of threat; Orange means you’re near the top of the threat list; Yellow means you halfway up the threat list; Green means you are very low on the threat list

As a tank, you want those boxes to be red! Red is your favourite color in the enemy list.

Provoke is not used on cooldown

All provoke does is set your emnity to be equal to the highest level eminity currently on that target and then gives you a tiny bit extra emnity on top. Even if you are the one on top! Save it for an emergancy.

Minimize Movement

Melee jobs have positionals and you make them lose damage if you move the boss around a lot.

Pace your use of mitigations, do not use them all at once

You will want to use your big mitigations for tankbusters!

  • ROLE BASED: Rampart, Reprisal, Arm’s Length
  • PLD: Sheltron, Sentinal, and others
  • WAR: Thill of Battle, Vengeance, Raw Intuition, Equilibrium, and others
  • GNB: Camouflage, Nebula, Aurora (good for pulling with heal emnity), and others
  • DRK: Shadow Wall, Dark Mind, Dark Missionary, and others

Your Immunities should not be used on cooldown, save for dire purposes (large aoe pack pulls as an example)

  • PLD: Hallowed Ground
  • WAR: Holmgang
  • GNB: Superbolide
  • DRK: Living Dead