Mechanics are more important than your DPS

If you choose to ignore a mechanic, there’s a good chance you will die. Dead DPS do no DPS.

Don’t stand in front of the boss

It’s a good way to get cleaved or tankbustered and die. Dead DPS do no DPS.

If you’re ranged, stay near healer

Healers have heals that are mostly centered around themselves (there are exceptions), but this helps them to be able to do top ups quickly from raidwides.

If you decide to stay as far from everyone as possible, do not be surprised if a healer lets you die. Dead DPS do not DPS.

Know your interupts!

This cannot be stressed enough. Know what types of interrupts you have!

Surecast and Arm’s Length are your friend!

Surecast (Casters) and Arm’s Length (Physical DPS) can be used during some mechanics to allow you to stay in place and finish a cast, or combo!